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Midwest Perlite expands perlite for a wide range of applications including horticultural, construction, industrial, and filtration. We are a family-owned and operated company since 1956. Our perlite is use by many commercial growers, agricultural companies, building material manufacturers and filtration industries and more. With our strategic location we can easily serve customers in the Midwest and central Canada.

Midwest Perlite has been a valuable member of the Perlite Institute since 1983. Former president, Gene Hoople spent over 10 years as the treasurer on the board of directors. After Gene's retirement in 2003 his son, Keith, continued their respected membership and is currently serving on the board as president elect.  


No additives or coatings are employed during our expansion process making it an organic additive to your soil. 

Expanded perlite is a mineral constituent of horticulture soils and is derived from naturally hydrated obsidian – a volcanic glass.

Raw perlite ore is mined in volcanic areas, crushed, and screened into different sizes before being sent to a perlite expansion furnace. The crushed ore is then brought to a temperature (around 1500 degrees F) where the glass softens, and the trapped water molecules turn into steam-making the small rock particle “expand” in the same manner that popcorn expands in an air popper. The result is a particle that reveals itself under a microscope as a cluster of tiny, volcanic glass bubbles-both whole and broken.

The mineral is otherwise unchanged in composition and is added to organic components like peat moss to aerate and proved drainage for resultant soils.

Midwest Perlite Company, Inc. is not OMRI listed, however, perlite is.

OMRI listing for Perlite


STATUS: Allowed

CLASSIFICATION: Crop Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

ORIGIN: Nonsynthetic


RULE REFERENCE: 205.203(d)(2) A mined substance of low solubility.